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Sports Chiropractic Medicine

Sports Chiropractors is recognized by the American Sports Chiropractic Association (ASCA). They specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries sustained by athletes and other sportspersons. Chiropractic doctors have also gained recognition as a provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services. They perform diagnosis, determine the cause and treat the problem. They are also involved in post-operative care and management of injured patients.

Sports Chiropractor provides chiropractic treatment for sports chiropractors, especially for athletes. Sports Chiropractor can perform diagnostic evaluation of the injured area, but they can also perform therapy as and when needed. Sports Chiropractor diagnoses their patients after undertaking a thorough interview, and through a thorough examination. If they see a patient with musculoskeletal complaints, such as a herniated disc, they might use techniques like gentle stretching and ultrasound to help reduce or eliminate pain. The Sports Chiropractor may also recommend therapeutic exercise to rehabilitate the injured area, or refer the patient to an appropriate specialist for conservative treatment.

The chiropractor will first diagnose the problem and establish the subluxations or imbalance. There are various methods to do this. A sports chiropractor can start by doing x-rays to get an idea of where the problem is or using their hands to manually manipulate the spine. After this has been done, the chiropractor will examine the athletes’ posture and movement pattern, and their physiological response to the treatment. When a referral is made, and appropriate tests and scans are performed, they can suggest a course of treatment and advise the patient on exercise and diet.

There are many reasons why some people suffer from sports injuries, and others don’t. While there is no one “guaranteed” method to avoid injuries, sports chiropractors know that some types of injuries can be prevented through specific techniques used in treatment. Injuries can be preventable with awareness and knowledge. An athlete or participant should make sure to warm up prior to participation, and cool down after strenuous activity to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Athletes should also make sure to properly stretch and loosen their muscles prior to engaging in sport activities and engage in cooling down after exercising to reduce the risk of muscle strain.

An athlete or participant who experiences pain-free movement should immediately consult a sports chiropractor. This chiropractor can determine if there is cause for concern and recommend rest, ice, compression, ultrasound, or other techniques to improve the condition of the affected area. If the athlete or participant has a history of concussions, his or her neurological functions may need to be tested to determine if they are at risk for future concussions.

Sports medicine can help reduce the risk of an injury to the soft tissues. In addition to providing athletes with chiropractic treatments, sports chiropractors can also provide patients with physical education programs and advice on injury prevention. As a member of the medical team, a sports chiropractor can help to educate athletes about injury prevention techniques such as wearing the proper footwear, avoiding repetitive motion that can trigger stress points, and stretching appropriately before and after training. In the same way, chiropractors can provide patients with information about using anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to reduce pain and swelling. By working with their patients and providing education on injury prevention, sports chiropractors can help athletes stay active and healthy.

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