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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage like flooded pipes, leaking pipes, broken sinks, storms, sewage backups, and appliance malfunction can cause unexpected devastation in your business over time. Getting it clean up and back on its way to a new life is job number 1. It is imperative to call a professional restoration service the moment a problem occurs because the longer the process, the more money you will spend. Water damage restoration is not a do-it-yourself type of task and you must have a reliable restoration company to properly dry and repair your building.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether there is a hole leak or a ceiling collapse, mold remediation is a necessary step for safe cleaning. Water damage restoration professionals can safely remove mold, call out cleaners, deodorizers, carpet cleaning, disinfectants, and more. A thorough cleaning will prevent further health risks from spreading. Professional cleaning and mold remediation companies will provide safety training to employees and will help them handle any health issues that may arise throughout the cleaning and restoration process.

Water damage cleanup and mold remediation should always start with a thorough inspection. If flood damage cleanup is the focus of your attention, make sure that all windows and doors are sealed to prevent contaminants from entering your home. Contact the homeowners right away and offer them a quote on the costs of replacing everything. The quickest way to get a quote on everything is to give an estimate to your company and let them do the negotiations for you. Most mold remediation companies offer free estimates for water damage cleanup and mold remediation that cover up to several hundred dollars per room.

Your next step will be mold remediation to check for mildew and disinfectant treatments. If you are dealing with a smaller commercial service, ask about a special dehumidifier that can also eliminate smells associated with sewage leaks in your kitchen. Water damage can compromise the structure of your building as well as the contents. Professional water damage cleaners can check refrigeration systems, plumbing fixtures, electrical systems, heating ducts, and more to identify whether it is safe to re-use your space. Some companies also offer mold remediation that includes structural repair so that your building’s integrity can not be compromised and your contents can be restored.

Your next step may include ventilation, as well as structural repair and clean-up. Water damage can spread quickly and destructive mold removal services can lead to health risks, especially if contaminated materials are not properly removed. Mold removal services employ trained professionals who can safely remove mold and microbial growth using environmentally safe techniques. You will also want to have your roof inspected for cracks or leaks so that you can address the problem as soon as possible. In addition, if you have existing water leaks, hiring a Fire Damage Restoration service can make repairs and prevent further water damage.

In the days after a commercial Storm Damage Restoration process is complete, you will want to take stock of everything possible. Once everything has been cleaned up, dried, and disinfected, make sure to clean up. Inspect your carpets and floors for any mold growth and treat them accordingly. Make sure that all of your surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, including wallpaper, rugs, and appliances. The sooner you begin the Commercial water damage restoration process, the less time you will need to do everything possible to remedy the situation.

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