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Category: Water Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration: Eliminate the Danger of Mold in Your Home

Whether fall or winter, storm damage can be an expensive proposition for homeowners. Many homeowners believe that storm damage can be repaired with very little work required; they think it will be fixed quickly with little to no effort required. However, some storms may take much longer to repair and may require extensive work. In the worst cases, a storm damage restoration project may even have to be done by professionals to ensure that the home is safe and functional. With this in mind, homeowners who have suffered storm damage should be prepared to have the work done by a professional.

Storms are notorious for their ability to leave behind damaging debris and wind damage such as broken trees and blown out gutters. Additionally, high winds can cause roof damage and shingles to come off. In addition to all of the above, hail is also a common problem during windy storms.

When looking at the potential damages that are caused by severe storms, one must consider the potential for damage that is not easy to repair or is very difficult to repair. Storm water extraction and drying are two options to consider when attempting to repair roofs and gutters damaged during heavy rain. Storm water extraction occurs when the water in a storm drain is removed before it reaches areas that require drying. The water extraction process can have negative consequences on the surrounding property and can require the assistance of a professional to complete the job properly. Drying is slightly easier, although it may still require a professional’s help to completely dry the building.

In cases where large amounts of hail has fallen, or if there is a need for more water extraction, the homeowner may be faced with both the problem of removing debris from the area and the issue of drying it out completely. In most cases, larger hailstones will move into trees and other areas of the environment, which means that they will not be able to be cleaned up by normal storm damage restoration methods. This is why it is so important to hire a professional company that is well-trained in water restoration to ensure that the area is properly dried out and any damage repaired.

Mold remediation is another issue that can arise during a storm damage restoration process. In situations in which mold infestation has occurred, it will be necessary for the homeowner to call in an air mover to come out and inspect the entire premises. By identifying where the mold is located, the mover will be able to make the necessary repairs and prevent future infestations from occurring. It is often difficult to remove mold from carpets, because of its porous nature. Carpets can hold on to mold for years, even when it is removed via the proper storm damage restoration process.

Natural disasters have always been known to cause major damage in many different forms, and this is no different with storm damage restoration. Homeowners need to be aware of the potential dangers and complications that are likely to occur during this type of storm, so that they can ensure their safety and well being. By hiring reputable professionals that specialize in natural disaster cleanup and restoration, homeowners can rest assured that their home is safe and will not need to be treated with chemicals in order to get rid of mold. These services can also help homeowners learn how to prevent future disasters from happening. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone who experiences a storm that results in water flooding or other natural disasters, find a professional flood damage restoration contractor to handle all of their cleaning and recovery needs.