Top 10 Best Litter For Cats of (2022)

Hey everyone, I have had the opportunity to try a lot more litter and get a lot more experience. So in this article, I am going to be giving you an updated list of my recommendations for the Top 10 Best Litter For Cats of 2022 you can buy. So stay tuned for my top 10 recommendations and to find out which litter might be the best choice for you.

I have gotten the opportunity to try a lot more cat litter. So I look back at my records and it seems that I have reviewed about 29 different cat litter products over the last couple of years. So I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try a lot of cat litter and besides that, I have spent hours researching cat litter reading hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews, and doing a couple of little tests to figure out which types of litter my cats seem to like, the best and based on all of that research and experience, I am going to be bringing you my 2022 picks for the best cat litter you can buy.

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter

So my number one recommendation is going to be Dr. Elsie’s precious cat ultra-clumping cat litter. Now the reason why this litter takes number one is that I haven’t found any clumping clay litter that manages to do pretty much everything, that a litter should do quite as well as this Dr. Elsie’s product does.

It’s just an all-around strong litter, and it comes at a nice economical cost. The litter is compared to other clumping clay litters pretty low dust. So I would pour it into the litter box and not see a huge plume of dust. This is a really welcome change when you’re looking at clumping clay litter, and it seems to perform pretty well when it is in the box. So this litter forms hard easy-to-scoop clumps which means you can easily get the waste out of the litter box and keep everything clean.

I don’t find too much sticking in the litter box assuming that you have enough litter in there, and I find that this yields a nice relatively odor-free litter box. The odor control is not absolute no litter is going to deliver absolute odor control. But it is quite good. My biggest gripe with this particular litter is probably its weight.

So again it has these medium-sized granules and they’re quite dense. So the litter itself is very heavy, and I found that when scooping with a heavy metal scoop. It can get a little bit noticeable that it’s heavy and that heaviness can be kind of uncomfortable when you’re scooping. It also means that tracking and scatter are going to be limited.

So that’s a good side to having relatively heavy dense cat litter. Overall this is a litter that I think is going to work well in a lot of different households and which I think a lot of cats will be comfortable using. Clumping clay litter of this type is generally a crowd-pleaser and I think that it’s definitely the case with this Dr. Elsie’s litter. Another crowd-pleasing aspect of this litter is its price so at about $0.47 per pound. This is a pretty economical litter. It’s significantly less expensive than a lot of the other cat litter that I’m going to be reviewing here.

Fresh Step Simply Unscented Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter


While Dr. Elsie’s litter is definitely on the cheaper side. If you’re really focused on getting a budget-friendly litter, I would recommend opting for Fresh Steps Simply Unscented cat litter. So at about $0.38 per pound. This is one of the cheaper cat litter products on the market. It’s very easy to find in grocery stores and pet specialty retailers, and I find that it performs pretty well.

So when I poured the litter into the litter box it emitted a big plume of dust. And in that sense, I can’t really call this a cat-friendly litter. This type of clumping clay litter is going to emit crystalline silica dust, and we know that when inhaled in larger quantities over longer periods of time.

This type of dust can cause respiratory issues and is considered carcinogenic. But my cats really really like this litter. I found that my cats continually gravitated towards this letter they seemed to really enjoy its texture and the way that it felt under the paws. Because it’s unscented, it’s also going to be nice and cat friendly and it’s human friendly as well.

I found that this litter creates firm, easy-to-scoop clumps that allow you to, get everything out of the litter box. There was a little bit of scatter but nothing extraordinary and of course, you can control this with your litter box choice. And overall I found that this was just an overall strong cat litter that does pretty much everything that you would want a litter to do.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter Unscented


Now our third recommendation is going to be my favorite litter for odor control and that litter is Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented cat litter. Now ever clean litter is a little bit more expensive than most other clumping clay products. But once it gets into the litter box, I find that it offers excellent performance.

This is a nice hard comping clay litter that is very easy to scoop, cats really like it. And it offers really good odor control. Some of the best odor control that I’ve seen out of any clumping clay litter. Again this is a pretty dense and heavy cat litter which could be a negative for some people. But at the same time, you’re going to see a lot less tracking and scatter than you would with a lightweight litter. Again this litter is definitely on the expensive side at about $1.50 per pound.

Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter

Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter

If you want to use a silica gel crystal litter, I would recommend choosing Fresh Steps Crystal cat litter. Fresh steps crystals have some really nice qualities, one is that it has a moderate crystal size, this crystal size allows each crystal to absorb more moisture, and that allows it to last for longer.

Another nice thing about this litter is that it’s relatively low dust. I found that a lot of silica gel litters tend to produce huge plumes of really irritating dust. Not so with this one, there’s a little bit of dust but nothing extreme. In my testing, it did a good job of controlling odors. It’s pretty easy to maintain of course and I’ve seen similar stories and customer reviews.

Overall this seems to be a nice effective product. Of course, silica gel is a little bit more expensive than clay cat litter so this product costs about $1.72 per pound. But remember that you’re most likely going to be going through it more slowly. Then you would a clay cat litter so you might use about five pounds per month. With one cat adds up to something closer to $10 per month.

Petfive Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus Natural Cat Litter with Extra Odor Control

Petfive Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Plus Natural Cat Litter with Extra Odor Control

Now if you’re looking for a plant-based or biodegradable sometimes referred to as natural cat litter. Then I would recommend sustainably your multi-cat plus cat litter. So this is a very very fine-grained cat litter made from corn and cassava. I found that when pouring it into the box. There’s a little bit of dust nothing really significant it settles quite quickly.

And once it’s in the box this litter performs quite well. I found that it creates really firm cohesive clumps that are very easy to clean out of the litter box. And I found that the odor control is pretty good. It’s not quite as good as that of some of these clumping clay litters that I’m making at the top of this list. But it is significantly better than what I’ve seen out of a lot of plant-based litter products.

The biggest downside of this litter is the amount of scattering that it does. Because the litter is so fine and so lightweight it tends to really scatter outside of the litter box. And it can be a little bit difficult to clean all of that scattered up because the litter is so fine. So this letter costs about $1.90 per pound.

Which is kind of the middle of the road for plant-based cat litter. But what I found is that because it creates such small clumps you’re probably going to use a little bit less of it. So it could end up being a little bit more affordable than other plant-based cat litter products.

Feline Pine Platinum Non-Clumping Cat Litter


In addition to plant-based litter, that kind of follows the clumping clay model. You’re also going to see pellet-style products. A lot of people are starting to turn to pine pellets, as an alternative to traditional litter. And if you’re considering this. I would suggest avoiding the cat litter aisle altogether.

And opting for equine bedding pellets. Now there are some questions about the safety of pine pellets in general, including those marketed for cat litter. Because these pellets may contain pine oil. Now it’s recommended that you look for litter that’s been kiln-dried in order to remove these pine oils and make the litter safe to use.

I contacted feline pine and they said that their litter undergoes this process, and I know that other pellets made for horse bedding also undergo this process. So it doesn’t hurt to contact the manufacturer before you choose any particular litter whether you’re getting it from a tractor supply or another local farm and ranch supply store.

But the reason why I would recommend, these horse bedding pellets instead of a cat product. Is because they’re seemingly essentially the exact same thing. But at a much much better price. So feline pine costs about $0.42 per pound. And equine bedding pellets which you can get at any farm and ranch store are going to cost about $0.15 per pound. So it’s a significant difference.

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter


Now my next recommendation is going to be the best litter for cats who are having some litter box issues. So first off litter box avoidance is generally not a matter of a cat not liking the litter that they have litter can help, but it’s seldom the full picture. So if your cat hasn’t been using the litter box whether they’re a kitten or an older cat, you’re going to want to first rule out any mental or physical issues that could be causing this.

And once you’ve either ruled those out or started resolving them. You can also pull in a good litter to help you out. And in that case, you can use Dr. Elsie’s cat attracts. So this is a basic clumping clay litter very similar to Dr. Elsie’s litter that made it to the number one position on this list. But it contains an herbal cat attractant. And while I was initially skeptical of this litter I found that it was very appealing to my cats.

And I’ve also seen really good reviews of this litter from other people. But how well does this litter perform so first off the litter is quite dusty. I noticed that it emitted a large plume of dust when I poured it into the litter box. So not good litter if you’re trying to avoid dust.
In terms of clumping performance and odor control, I found that it did both quite well, it created nice cohesive clumps. And I didn’t notice a lot of odor in the litter box. Even though my cats were using this one so heavily.

Scatter was about what you would expect for a litter of this type nothing extreme but it was still present there was still some scattering happening. At about $0.74 per pound, this is a little bit more expensive than your typical clumping clay. But still one of the more moderately priced options on this particular list.

Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter


Now our next recommendation is my top pick for kittens. If you have a kitten who’s under about three or four months of age. You’re going to want to think about choosing either a non-clumping litter of any variety. Or some kind of soft clumping letter like a plant-based clumping letter. Hard clumping clay litter can expand up to 15 times its original size when it comes into contact with moisture.

And there is a theory that if a kitten ingests some clumping clay either while they’re grooming themselves or because they’re kind of curious. It could lead to some serious issues. It’s generally considered best to steer clear of clumping clay and opt for something else. And for those of you who are doing that, I would recommend Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter. Now this litter would not be my top recommendation for basically any other category. It doesn’t really perform all that well.

I have found that while it does control odor a little bit. It’s not a good odor-control litter. It doesn’t clump and it’s not all that absorbent moisture tends to build up in there and it can get kind of nasty. You’re going to want to change it out regularly and at about $0.63 cents per pound. It’s going to add up to being a moderately priced litter. Overall a decent choice for kittens but not something that I would want to use long term.

Purina Yesterday’s News Clumping Paper Cat Litter


Now our next recommendation also comes from yesterday’s news and it’s going to be an appropriate choice for cats with sensitive paws. So if your cat feels uncomfortable using a clay litter or even a typical plant-based litter, and they need something softer underneath their paws.

That I would recommend Purina Yesterday’s News Clumping Paper Cat Litter. I find this litter really interesting, it has a soft fluffy texture, that is very very soft to the touch when I touch when my cats touch it it’s very soft light, and lofty. Now like the other yesterday’s news product I mentioned here, it’s not really a high-performance litter. It is odor control is not that great, and it does not clump all that well, although it does create some clumps, so you can get a little bit of that waste out of the litter box.

And there’s also going to be a fair amount of scattering and track depending on which type of litter box you use. So while it is a little bit more expensive up front at $1.09 per pound. You’re going to be using fewer pounds of it over time. So it ends up being kind of a moderately priced cat litter.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter 


Now my final recommendation is going to be my top pick for people who don’t like cleaning out the litter box, and it is the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter. So it’s not just a litter it’s a full system. The zeolite pellets allow urine to pass through the grated tray of this litter box system and collect on a puppy pad down below.

And because the pellets are made from deodorizing zeolite and act as a desiccant they help to dry out the stool that remains on the top level. Overall this is a pretty low-maintenance option it works a little bit like silica gel where you’re picking off the feces. But I found that it’s a little bit more low maintenance because you have this full system kind of working for you.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this litter or the tidy cat’s breeze system in general. It’s good for some people but in my home, it just isn’t the best fit my cats don’t really like the way that the pellets feel. They tend to scatter quite a bit they’re kind of difficult to clean up. And they’re also pretty expensive.

So at $2.14 per pound, this is one of the more expensive options on the market. But with all of that being said I know that a lot of people really like this system and it could certainly be a good option for a certain type of person. So definitely worth considering.


So that’s about it for my top 10 recommendations for the best cat litter you can buy in 2022. I hope that you found it helpful. Anyway, as always I hope that you got some value out of this article. If you did go ahead and share this article with your family and friends. If you’re interested in more product reviews, buyer’s guides, and information please join us. Thank you so much for being here.

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