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The 10 Best German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips of 2023

Best German Shepherd puppy training tips. The German shepherd is always alert energetic and exceptionally dedicated to his owner. His natural distrust of strangers and his lack of hunting instinct is what make him the perfect watchdog for your home.

In this article, you will learn everything about the 10 best german shepherd puppy training tips. Dog experts emphasize the fact that german shepherds are highly intelligent. And that their training needs to begin from a very young age.

As they will mature very quickly. The experts compare the growth and maturity of the german shepherd pup to humans in the following way. At six months of age, the dog is equivalent to a ten-year-old child. At one year of age, they are the equivalent of a 20-year-old person. Now you do the math training should involve plenty of positive encouragement and rewards harsh words.

And Punishments are often unnecessary and can be counterproductive. German shepherds can be trained to do just about anything from guard to guide dog to tracker to a happy family pet. Without further ado let’s jump into our first training tip.

1. Start Training It From An Early Age

It’s very important that you start training your german shepherd puppy from an early age. The reason for this is that this type of breed tends to be dominant and stubborn. However, if you apply the training from an early age. It’s way easier to sharpen its dominant personality. The best stage for a german shepherd to undergo training is when it’s seven to eight weeks old. This is the age when this breed is most responsive to training. To save yourself the trouble of dealing with a stubborn german shepherd. You better start training him while he’s still young.

2. Socialization

Socialization is probably the most crucial thing for a german shepherd. As it has tendencies to resort to unfriendly behaviors towards strangers socialization is a must. The best way to do this is to take your dog to a socialization class to make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure your dog is vaccinated before enrolling him in such a class…That’s to prevent any health problems your dog may pick up from the other dogs in the class. Socialization helps raise a friendly and confident german shepherd. Socialization should be introduced from an early age. And if you wait till your german shepherd becomes five or seven months old. It might be too late.

3. Reward Training

Using reward training is probably one of the best techniques you can apply when training this dog. When your dog breed performs what you’ve asked. Be sure to provide a treat and words of praise.  This will awaken in his mind the idea that good behavior is rewarded, which will encourage him to repeat the same act. After all, who doesn’t want a treat although sometimes punishing for bad behavior may yield results, it’s not the proper way. Reward training is far more advantageous as it encourages the dog to keep behaving well. So that they can get the treat. Punishing them can have adverse responses. Especially when it comes to a german shepherd.

4. Offering Them Warm Words

Praising your dog with warm words is the easiest and most effective way to train your dog. This is also applicable to a german shepherd. The reason for this is that it creates a need for affection, praising a good dog can be the best type of reward there is for a german shepherd. Some german shepherds naturally find praise rewarding. But even the ones that don’t seem to become praise seekers given that you frequently pay your praise with other great things. For example, if you teach your dog to lie down with a click followed by a treat, you can add a good dog. While delivering the treat or playing the game. Soon your dog will learn to associate that happy praise with the treat and the good dog will become its own reward.

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5. Uses Life Rewards

These are usually things that your dog enjoys in his daily life. Such as going for a walk running in the backyard or splashing in a sprinkler and they can be harnessed by using the Premack principle. This principle says that a low-probability behavior that the dog is less likely to perform, such as calmly waiting at the door, can be reinforced with a higher-probability behavior. One that the german shepherd prefers, such as happily running around the yard. For example, to strengthen your dog’s seat, ask him to sit before giving him access to any of the things he really enjoys. Like running with their friends or snuggling next to you on the couch. The best thing about this type of reward is it’s easy to implement into your daily life. And can be especially helpful for breeds like the german shepherd.

6. Potty Training The Right Way

The hardest part of training a german shepherd is when it comes to potty training. You need to be patient as you understand and choose the proper technique for potty training your german shepherd. Patience is the key when potty training. Besides being a patient there’s also a lot of persistence required when potty training it. The best way to start is by taking it out at least every two to three hours throughout the day. Taking it out at night before bed is essential. This will help you understand that you need to get out to finish your business. Another essential thing when it comes to going to the bathroom. It’s keeping your eyes open and seeing when you need to do your job. If you manage to get him outside at the right time to finish his business. It will play a great role in helping you learn the right place for the potty business.

7. Teaches Proper Usage Of Its Mouth

German shepherds are famous for chewing on shoe toys carpets and even your hands. If you just started owning a german shepherd. Make sure you teach him how to use his mouth correctly before you start losing your precious things. Know that this is normal behavior, especially for young german shepherds. They love to explore everything around them and they do it mainly with their mouths. The best way to avoid these problems is to buy a dog toy. If your german shepherd can chew, train him to chew only that toy, and the chewing problem will soon be solved.

8. Touch Your German Shepherd Where He Likes

Touch can be a wonderful reward when it comes to the german shepherd. It’s the best way to deliver the affection this dog craves. Although it is very useful during the training of this breed. It can also be tricky, you have to find the right kind of touch that this breed enjoys. Though one thing is for sure. The german shepherd really enjoys a good chest scratch. You should always pay attention to how this breed responds to your touch. If he crouches down and doesn’t interact with you, it’s probably not rewarding.

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9. Be Patient And Consistent

Always keep in mind that your puppy is like a baby. It doesn’t understand your language or commands instantly. It’s also hard for it to determine which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t. It’s just a puppy that’s getting to know the world. It may need some time for your puppy’s brain to begin comprehending the meaning of your commands. That’s why it’s very important to be patient. And not easily giving up.

10. Play With Your German Shepherd

Playing with your german shepherd can be a powerful relationship-building tool. As well as a potent reward it is true that the german shepherd enjoys playing with toys. But what he enjoys most is playing with its owner. The bond that you form while playing and giving attention to your dog makes it easier for you to be listened to. After the bond is developed the german shepherd will make sure to behave in a way that pleases you. It is very important to give german shepherds a sense of purpose. So agility training is ideal to keep them mentally stimulated and challenged. Chasing balls, catching frisbees, riding alongside, you as you bicycle. These are all great activities for this active breed.

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This is probably the most important takeaway that this article offers. So what do you think about the 10 best german shepherd puppy training tips? Let us know in the comments and share your experience with other interested dog owners. I hope you get help from this article. Thank you.

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