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Top 5 Best Cat Trees of 2023

Why Get a Cat Tree?

So why would you buy a cat tree in the first place? Cat trees are meant to serve a few different purposes. The first is to provide your cat with the elevated territory, or vertical territory, as some people describe it, which allows your cat to survey the world from above.

So for an animal that usually spends most of its time on the ground. It can be very nice to gain some height and be able to look at the world from above again. Especially if your cat is a bit insecure, or near the bottom of the dominance hierarchy and you have a multi-cat household, it can be very helpful to provide this kind of high ground so they can have some space and feel a bit more dominant. In the home. Cat trees are also beneficial to your cat’s physical health.

Most of them provide some scratching areas so your cat can shed the outer layers of her claws while she stretches and tones her muscles a bit. They will give your cat a chance to climb and will also be a good place for most cats to relax and sleep.

What to Look for in a Cat Tree?

Now, what separates a good cat tree from a bad one? And, you are going to be looking at things like durability, and stability. You don’t want a tree that is going to fall over if your cats jump on it. You are going to look for a tree that is comfortable and that is well suited to your cat’s unique needs. Does your cat prefer carpet or plush?

Is your cat a great climber or would he rather have a tree that he doesn’t really have to climb? Does your cat like condos and cubicles, places where they can hide?

Or do you prefer to be outdoors? You can think about these things when deciding which tree will be a good fit for you. But in general, we’re looking for well-built, sturdy trees that aren’t going to topple over and provide a good variety of play and resting areas for your cat to use.

Our Review Process

So with all of these things in mind, I set out to find the best cat trees on the market. I spent hours researching the cat tree market and learning about the different types of trees available. I read hundreds of customer reviews and in the end, found about 10 different trees that seemed to meet our quality requirements. And once I picked those top trees, I bought these five and started testing them at my house.

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been testing them out on my two cats, Tuni and Puchi, and taking notes. I looked at things like how easy each one was to assemble, and how my cats responded to each one. And what types of cats do I think would get the most out of each cat tree? So in this article, we are going to talk about.

Armarkat 73” Deluxe Cat Tree

Armarkat 73” Deluxe Cat Tree

So our top overall recommendation is the Aeromark International Armarkat 73-Inch Cat Tree. The Armarkat line now includes a wide variety of trees in many different styles and of varying heights. But I chose the 73-inch tree because it got great reviews. It has a nice generous height but is not too tall. And it also has a good variety of play and sleeping areas for your cat to use.

I also found that it was moderately priced compared to some of the other products in the line. So it sounds like it could be a good crowd-pleaser. So the first step in testing this tree was to assemble it. I found the assembly to be quite easy, it took me about half an hour to do the whole thing. The instructions were clear and the way the whole tree came together was pretty straightforward too. Once assembled, the tree measures 27 inches by 23 inches at the base and again stands 73 inches tall.

So I found that this base size is a bit narrower than some of the other cat trees I’ve seen. Combined with the height of the tree, this will cause it to wobble a bit more than other trees. It has an 80-pound capacity and when my cats were using it. I didn’t notice much movement, but at the same time. There was definitely a bit of instability. It is covered in a faux fleece material which has some pros and cons.

I think it’s definitely an update to the old cat mat tree that will get snagged and can look very unattractive after it’s been around for a while. But compared to that soft, fuzzy material you’ll see on other trees. I really can’t tell if it’s better or worse. And I really think it depends on personal preference. Now as to how my cats reacted to this tree, they were both up for using it right away.

I put some food on the tree and sprinkled some catnip spray on it, and they immediately started playing with it. But it was Puchi who really took this tree. I placed it near a window that he likes to look out of and he immediately started using it and sleeping in the little condo upstairs. He was scratching the scratching posts, and playing with the toys hanging from the trees. And really exploring the entire tree, with the exception of those little wind-up toys near the bottom and the hammock. Overall, I was very happy with my experience with the Armarkat tree.

It has many different play options for cats of all personality types and appears to be a sturdy tree done right. One of the best things about buying from this company is that they offer replacement parts for all of their trees, so you get a good, high-quality tree and a good long-term investment. At $141.71, this is a moderately priced tree, and I think it’s a pretty good value.

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CozyCatFurniture 73” Large Cat Tree

CozyCatFurniture Large Cat Towers

Now, if you want a slightly more diverse tree that offers more options for a larger multicast home? Then, I would recommend the Cozy Cat Furniture Extra Large Cat Tree for active cats. Like the last cat tree we reviewed, this one is also a 73-inch tree. But instead, it offers much more variety. So, the tree has two different condos, 10 scratching posts, three beds for your cats to rest on, and three ball toys for your cats to play with. I found this tree to be quite easy to put together, it definitely took a bit longer than the Armarkat tree, and once it’s put together the tree measures 25 inches at the base and 73 inches tall. Although the tree is quite small at the base, it is not a small tree at all.

It takes up quite a bit of space in the room because it has all these different areas for playing and sleeping that extend up the sides of the tree. Again, the tree is made of pressed wood and is covered in this very, very soft, plush material. As for how my cats reacted to this tree. I found that they were both willing to get into it, but only Tuni was the one who ultimately used it. Even so, I was only using this little hammock that extends from the side of the tree.

I didn’t see him go into any of the condos, especially the smaller one which is 12 inches in diameter and definitely too narrow for him. But I did not see him exploring the tree in general. As I watched my cats go around the tree, I realized that it is a bit difficult to navigate. It is a challenge to get from one point to another on the tree. So I think this tree will be better suited to cats who are willing to do some furry browsing.

Cats that are timider and not inclined to jump and maneuver a lot will probably be less comfortable with this tree design. Overall I would recommend this tree if you have multiple cats that will be sharing the same tree and you want to cater to many different needs. That said, it will be better suited to cats that are willing to climb and navigate. Because it’s really not that easy to move. I bought this tree for $136.73.

Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree

Trixie Baza Cat Tree and Scratching Post Collection

The next tree I want to talk about is the Trixie Baza Senior cat tree. So, as the name suggests, this will be a good option for older cats, and cats that have mobility issues. And you really won’t want to or won’t be able to climb very far to get into their tree. So this tree is not intended to give your cat elevation. It’s not really much taller than a typical chair. But it’s going to be a nice dedicated space that will get your cat off the ground a bit and is just a good place to sleep.

And of course, it also has a couple of different scratching posts in addition to the hammock on top. The tree was pretty easy to put together, I put it together in about 20 minutes. It’s not really a tall tree, not something that’s going to be helpful for cats that need some elevation, but it definitely gets your cat off the ground. It is made of MDF or medium-density fiberboard and is covered in this soft, shaggy, plush material.

I now have another model from Trixie Baza, which is just a basic hammock without the steps for seniors. And I found that over the years this kind of firm material has worn down quite a bit. All that said, my cats really like the texture of this fuzzy, plush material. According to customer reviews, many other cats do too. As expected, as soon as I got the Trixie Baza tree, Tuni was very excited to use it.

I think he really enjoys this hammock design in general. So he jumped right into the tree and lay back in the hammock right away. And in the last few weeks that the trees have been at home. I think Trixie Baza Senior is the one I’ve seen Tuni the most. He really seems to enjoy hanging out in this little bed on top. Now, I never saw Tuni going up these steps, she just jumped right into the hammock. But for cats that really have arthritis or mobility issues, this could be really helpful.

Overall I was very happy with this tree. I think it has a nice cat-friendly design with two different scratching posts, nice steps, and a comfy bed on top. Now, it’s probably not the most durable tree. But overall, it seems to be a pretty good product, especially if you have an older cat, who would appreciate those steps. Unlike many of the other trees mentioned here, it doesn’t really have many bells and whistles. But it makes a nice simple addition to the house.

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Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

TRIXIE Miguel Fold and Store Cat Hammock

Now our next recommendation is another one that is also a Trixie product. It’s your Miguel Fold and Store cat tower. This will be a good option if you have limited space. Or maybe you know you will be moving in the near future. You don’t want to deal with the assembly and disassembly associated with many other cat trees.

The tree requires no assembly and is really easy to fold and store or transport. Again, this is not really a tall cat tree, it’s not going to satisfy your cat’s need for height. But it will provide a nice area for your cat to hang out. It has a sizable scratching area, as well as a couple of toy balls, and a hammock for your cat to lay on. And a small cubbyhole at the bottom that your cat can hide inside.

So overall, if you’re looking to provide some environmental enrichment. The Trixie Miguel Fold and Store tower packs a lot of different things into one nice little unit. Now I discovered that the tower did not seem to be so well done. I did notice some loose threads and have read some comments from other customers that some seams split after only a couple of days of use. I can definitely see that happening, looking at the way this tower is built.

The tree measures 20.5 by 13.75 by 25 and a half inches tall. Overall, I think this could be a good option if you’re short on space and want a small tower that packs a lot of nice features into one. It’s got a couple of toys, it’s got a nice bed, it’s got a sizable fabric scratcher, and it’s got a little condo for your cat to hide in. Overall, it’s a little package of environmental enrichment that you can easily add to any space without having to deal with the assembly and disassembly that comes with a typical cat tree. It’s also a bit cheaper than some of the other trees we’ve seen here at $39.16.

On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree

On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Made in USA

So our next and last recommendation will be a tree that works for you if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, and maybe well, definitely, something that looks like a tree, a real tree. And it’s the On2 Pets 60-Inch Round Large Modern Cat Tree. Now, this is a moderately sized tree that has slightly fewer features than the others on this list. It has no scratching areas unless you count the grass on the bottom, which some cats may be interested in scratching, as well as the carpet on each of the decks. It has only three platforms, no condominiums or cubicles or anything like that.

My experience here was a bit mixed. It seemed that the instructions were written quite clearly, and everything was quite easy. I was unable to attach one of the rods to the platforms at a 90-degree angle apparently due to a manufacturing fault with the product. Which was a pretty major issue. Finally, the tree was assembled and I put everything together and it seemed to be a pretty well-made product. I haven’t seen any customer reviews that say they ran into the same problem I did, so it doesn’t seem like these types of defects are particularly common. But once I put the tree together, I noticed another problem that was a bit concerning.

So the tree is labeled as a 60-inch tree, which I would assume means the top platform is 60 inches off the ground. It actually appears that the 60-inch measurement is based on the height of the top sheet. If you pull it straight up, it will be 60 inches across the top of that top sheet, and the top deck is actually 42 inches off the ground. So the round base is 26 inches in diameter and overall I found this to be a pretty stable tree. Compared to the other taller trees with a somewhat narrower base, I found the On2 Pets tree to be quite stable. I didn’t notice much shaking and wobbling after I put it together.

As for how my cats reacted, again, I was looking forward to seeing how my cat Puchi would react to this tree as she likes to climb trees. But in the time I have had this tree, I have never noticed my cats getting into it. They didn’t seem that interested in it. That said, I didn’t have much time to test it either. So potentially, if I gave it more time, we would discover the tree and start using it. Again, the platforms of this tree are covered in carpet, rather than any soft, fuzzy material, so it might attract cats that don’t like that kind of material. I found an interesting review about chewable. The reviewer said that his cat hates everything. He hates fancy and furry things, so it was really nice for them to be able to find this rug tree.

The bottom line is that this tree could be a good choice if you think your cat might appreciate this type of design. If your cat likes a bit firmer surfaces and isn’t as inclined to enjoy stuffy, fluffy things like the cat in the review, she might really enjoy this design. And If you want something that will add to your home decor in an interesting way. If something looks like a faux plant, and you’re not so concerned with providing features like scratching posts, soft beds, and condo cubbies, then this might be a good fit for you. you. I bought this tree for $145.23.


So that’s it for our reviews of the five best cat trees on the market. You will also find links to all the products mentioned here in case you want to check them out for yourself. So I hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you a better idea of ​​what types of trees might be best for your cat. Thanks again. Bye

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