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Top 5 Best Cat Trackers in 2022

Hey everyone we’re talking about the best cat trackers you can buy in 2022. So in order to make this article. I spent hours researching the market for cat trackers. Learning about the different types of technology. They are used in cat trackers. And the different products that are available. After narrowing down my selection.

I tested out 11 different trackers in my home and around it. With my two cats Tuni and Puchi. I took notes on how easy each of these trackers was to set up. And how my cats felt about wearing them. I also did a couple of field tests so I took the trackers out. And I observed how consistently and accurately they tracked my location. And I also did a lost cat simulation.

So I had a partner run off with the tracker. And then I had to use the receiver to find them wherever they were hiding. I took notes on how quickly I was able to find them. And how reliable the tracker seemed to be. And based on all of that research and testing. I’m going to be telling you about my top five recommendations for the best cat trackers you can buy.

Gps Tracker For Cats From Tractive

Gps Tracker For Cats From Tractive

So my first recommendation is the GPS tracker for cats from tractive. So they worked with an animal behaviorist in order to develop this design. And overall it seems to be nice and lightweight. And it seems to lie on the cat’s neck in a pretty comfortable way. My cat Tuni wore it for a full evening and overnight and he seemed to be pretty comfortable with it. And again it’s not just the comfort of this tracker that sets it apart from the competition.

The other thing that I liked about it was that it manages to pack in a ton of features. That all seem to work relatively well. In my tests, I found that it promptly sent notifications when the tracker left the safe zone. So imagine your cat leaves the house they start wandering away. You’re going to get a notification pretty promptly when that happens. So that’s really valuable. I also noticed that in live mode it updated pretty consistently. And I was able to get a fairly good read on where my cat was located. It wasn’t perfect and GPS trackers tend not to be. So for instance I found that I was really close to the tracker and it was still saying that I was 150 feet away. This is kind of typical with GPS trackers. And I can’t say that this is worse than other cat trackers.

There are a number of factors that go into this. So overall I would say that the GPS accuracy was pretty good. And in addition to the regular GPS tracking functionality, you get a Bluetooth find mode. Which allows you to pinpoint your cat’s location just like you would with a typical Bluetooth tracker. Which is really helpful. It also has a light and sound to help you find your cat even in the dark.  This is going to also be really helpful if your cat is missing indoors.

Because a GPS tracking technology wouldn’t really work inside right. Other features I thought was cool. Were the heat map you get to see where your cat tends to spend the most time. You get some location history. You also get this neat little augmented reality tool. And then you also get activity monitoring.

Most activity monitoring in GPS trackers is going to be oriented toward dogs first. So it’s neat to see a tracker that is doing cat-oriented activity tracking that is calibrated for your cat’s body. And gives you useful insights into your cat’s activity. So overall I thought that this tractive cat GPS tracker offered pretty much everything we’re looking for in a good GPS tracker for your cat. Obviously, GPS tracking is not going to be the right fit for everyone.

But if you have an indoor and outdoor cat. Or a cat who you’re worried is going to get outside and maybe wander far away from home. This is going to be a pretty good option. So the tracking unit itself cost $57.99. And then you’re also going to need to pay for a subscription right? So that’s going to start at $4.99 a month for the premium membership if you pay for five years upfront. And then the basic plans are going to start at $5.39 per month.

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Jiobit GPS Tracker

Jiobit GPS tracker

My next recommendation is the Jiobit GPS tracker. This is a tracker that was originally developed for kids. And is now being marketed toward cats. And I find that it offers a nice suite of features. Excellent performance in a lightweight package. Overall I found that the GPS tracking accuracy was potentially a little bit higher than that of the attractive GPS tracker.

In my test, it worked quite well. And it brought me almost directly to the place where my hide-and-seek partner was hiding. I found that its virtual fence worked consistently I got notifications right away when it left the fence. Yeah, just overall the tracking functionality of this unit is pretty good. Another nice feature of this tracker is that. It also has a Bluetooth function. So you can use it indoors and you can pinpoint your cat’s location. You can press a button to make a sound play on the tracking unit itself.

Which can help you to locate it. So overall it’s a nice combination of good. Gps tracking and good Bluetooth tracking as well. I also really liked that this tracker has a pretty long battery life. So compared to some of the other trackers I tried. It managed to stay alive for quite a while. And the battery life is supposed to last for up to seven days. Now, this tracker is a bit more expensive than some of the others shown here at $129.99 for the unit. And then you’re going to pay upwards of $8.99 per month for the subscription.

But overall it seems to be a really well-made tracker. I’ve had a great experience with their customer service. And it gets excellent reviews as a kid tracker. Overall again a good product certainly competes well with the tractive tracker. If you’re looking for something a little bit more stripped down and basic that offers good reliability at a slightly higher price.

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Marco Polo Radio Frequency Tracker

MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

Now my next recommendation is a radio frequency tracker. So a bit of a different category of radio frequency trackers is not going to give you that map overlay. And they don’t have nearly as large a range as a GPS tracker. But the Marco polo radio frequency tracker seems to be leagues ahead of the other radio frequency trackers on the market.

Instead of being limited to maybe 1600 feet the range of this tracker can go up to two miles if you have wide open spaces around you. And the tracker also offers a number of other features that we’re not seeing in most radio frequency trackers. So you’re able to use it in either a monitoring or tracking mode. So you get a notification when your cat leaves the range. You’re able to get nice directional information from this tracker.

So most radio frequency trackers require you to turn your body and then kind of figure out if it’s telling you that you’re in the right direction. This one has a nice little arrow on the user interface. Which makes it easier to figure out if you’re going in the right direction. I found that the Marco polo tracker worked quite well. I was able to use it successfully to find the tracking unit multiple times in a couple of different types of environments. Overall I was quite happy with my experience using it.

Another nice thing about this tracker is that your battery life is going to be quite long the battery can last in that tracking unit for up to 45 days. You don’t have to worry about it dying while your cat’s lost. And besides that, you’ll be able to find your cat anywhere. So while a GPS tracker is going to be restricted to outdoor environments. You can use this tracker to find your cat in a barn under a car it’s going to work pretty much anywhere.

At 234.95 this tracker is the most expensive on this list. But of course, you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription. So it could end up saving you money over time compared to a GPS tracker.

Girafus Radio Frequency Tracker

Girafus Cat Tracker RF Finder

 And my next recommendation is also a radio frequency tracker, just a bit cheaper. And that is the Girafus Radio Frequency Tracker. I reviewed this one a couple of years ago for our last roundup. And it still remains one of my top recommended products. So this tracker has a significantly lower range than the Marco polo at 1600 feet.

But it seems to work pretty well within that range. So I used it multiple times to identify the location of the tracker in the woods. And it worked pretty consistently I was able to find it each time. And I was able to do so pretty quickly. You’re going to use this little receiver and follow the lights and sound in order to figure out where your cat’s located. Another nice feature of this tracker is that at under three-tenths of an ounce it’s very light and the tracker itself is quite small.

So I found that it was probably the one that was most comfortable for my cats to wear. And if you have a cat you’re going to know that’s a really important feature right? You can buy a two-tag set for $90.99. Or a single tag set for $75.99.

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Tile Mate

Tile Mate

And my last recommendation is the only Bluetooth tracker on this list. It’s going to be the tile mate. So I have the 2020 version. You can also get the 2022 version. The performance is very similar between the two. But the 2022 version has a slightly larger range at 250 feet compared to 200 feet. This is a little lightweight transmitter that just clips onto your cat’s collar.

It’s very small and very comfortable for most cats. Not going to be much different from an id tag. And it allows you to identify your cat’s location within that relatively small 200-foot range. You’re going to have to have Bluetooth on your phone at all times in order to use it. While its functionality is pretty limited compared to the radio frequency and GPS trackers we’re showing here. It does have one nice bonus feature that allows you to track your cat outside of that relatively small range. And that is the tile network.

So because there are other people using these tile trackers. Every time that your cat passes by one of these users it’s going to send the signal back to your device as well. And so if your cat goes missing and they’re passing tile users on their way. You can track their location. So the tile network does give you a little bit of added information on your cat’s whereabouts. Outside of that Bluetooth range. Overall I was pretty happy with my experience using the tile tracker. It didn’t work all that well in my lost cat simulation the cat easily got out of that Bluetooth range. And I couldn’t find them.

But for finding my cat around the house it’s certainly quite effective. So this tracker currently costs 24.99 on amazon. But I see it on sale for 19.99 pretty often. So you might want to check to see if it’s been discounted.


 So that’s about it for my review of the best cat trackers of 2022. Whether you want to use a GPS tracker a radio frequency tracker or a Bluetooth tracker. Is really going to depend on your home situation and your needs. If you have an outdoor cat a GPS tracker might be a good option. If you have a really active cat it could be a good option.

And then if you just want to be able to locate your cat in the house or around the house if you don’t want to be limited by connection to satellites. And if you want to be able to get more specific information on where your cat’s hiding a radio frequency tracker is going to be the best choice. In general, I think that radio frequency trackers manage to have the most cat-appropriate set of features. Because cats tend to hide when they go missing.

Because they tend to you know to shelter under things. And a radio frequency tracker is going to be very well adapted to that. But certainly, there are some cases where there’s an outdoor cat a very active cat or you travel a lot in those cases a GPS tracker is going to be better. And then the third case is if you have an indoor cat they don’t leave the house that often.

Maybe you live in an apartment building then a Bluetooth tracker could be a good lightweight way to keep tabs on your cat. And if they do escape you should be able to catch them in time. Or you can maybe get some help from you know the network of users of that Bluetooth tracker. So I hope this article helped to give you a better idea of which category you fall into what your key needs are and which type of tracker might work best for you. Let me know if you found it helpful in the comments. Or if you have any questions I check the comments all the time. And will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much.

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