Best Cat Nail Clippers

Top 5 Best Cat Nail Clippers of 2022

Hey everyone we’re going to be taking a look at the top 5 best cat nail clippers. You can get it for your cat. So trimming your cat’s nails is one of those, things that I think a lot of us don’t think of as cat care essential. But which can really benefit both your and your cat’s life. Trimming your cat’s nails regularly can help to keep them from damaging furniture.

Along with proper training and providing a scratching post. And it can also help to keep them from kind of damaging carpets just as they walk around. And it can also help to protect you a bit.  You know when you’re handling your cat and their claws make contact with your skin. So there are a lot of benefits to trimming your cat’s nails.

And a really good pair of nail clippers is going to help you out with that. So in order to choose the best cat nail clippers on the market. I spent hours researching the different types of nail clippers out there. Looking at the qualities of a good nail clipper. And selecting some of the most highly-rated nail clippers with all of the features I consider to be ideal.

So I tried them with my cats Tuni and Puchi. And observed how quickly they were able to trim through the claw. How easy they were to hold. And what types of safety mechanisms they had. I also did a little bit more of a control test with some toothpicks. So I snipped through the toothpicks and looked at how quickly and effectively they clipped through them.

And how easy they were to use with a little bit more of a  controlled material. I also did all of these tests with a basic toenail clipper. I had around the house just to see if these nail clippers actually were any better. And I’ll just say that yes all of these nail clippers were more effective than my toenail clipper. And so they’re probably going to be a good investment if you’re going to be clipping your cat’s claws on a regular basis. All of them have a slightly different quality you aren’t going to see any guillotine clippers. And you’re also not going to see any electric grinders on this list. All of them are sharp and effective products that are going to allow you to click quickly through your cat’s nails.

And most of them have some sort of safety mechanism to prevent you from cutting into the quick. So the quick is an area with blood vessels. That can really hurt if you cut into it. And so your cat’s claws are mostly just like your fingernails or toenails they don’t have any feeling. But if you go too low you’ll see that quick that pink area on your cat’s claw. And that’s going to really hurt if you cut into it. So all of these clippers or most of these clippers but one have a little safety guard to keep you from cutting into them. Which is really nice. So with that being said let’s jump into those top five recommendations. I’ll also have links to all of the products in the article.

Sarari Professional Nail Clipper Regular

Sarari Professional Nail Clipper Regular

My first recommendation is Sarari Professional Nail Clipper Regular in the smaller medium size. So again it’s a plier-style nail clipper. So you’re going to hold these handles and then clip clip clip. And I find that it has a very comfortable grip. That makes it very easy to hold and handle. Even if you’re wrangling a cat. Who doesn’t want to have their nails clipped?

And I was impressed by how well it clipped through my cat’s claws. So it has a nice sharp blade. And it has this nice spring mechanism. That allows it to open up really quickly after each cut. Overall I found it to work really effectively. The size is nice. Everything’s appropriate for a cat. And I found that the safety features worked quite well.

So it has this nice little safety guard. It sits just in the right place. Everything works quite well it also has a nice lock that’s very easy to use. Overall I was pretty impressed with these clippers. Everything worked exactly the way it should. And at $11.92 currently on chewy.  This nail clipper is pretty economical. So overall I would highly recommend this as a good nail clipper for your cat.

Zen Clipper

Zen Clipper

My second recommendation is the zen clipper from pet product innovations. It seemed to work a little bit more effectively. Then the safari clipper did excellently both on my cat. And in my little toothpick test.  The blades seem to be really sharp. And I think of all of the clippers I tried. This was the sharpest and fastest one. Another thing that I like about this clipper is that instead of having a safety guard. It has this little wheel that you’re going to turn to tighten.

What I also liked about this design is that it works as a lock. So if you turn that little wheel all the way you can close the clipper entirely. And as a safety guard as I mentioned. So overall I found that the zen clipper was probably the highest-performance clipper on this list. My only complaints are for one the price currently, it costs $22.95 on chewy. And also the grip isn’t quite as comfortable as my number one recommendation it’s a little bit small in this junior size.  And I found it was just ever so slightly more awkward. Though still perfectly comfortable to hold and really easy to use.

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Millers Forge Steel Pet Nail Clipper

Millers Forge Steel Pet Nail Clipper

So if you’re looking for a more economical nail clipper for your cat.  The Millers Forge Steel Pet Nail Clipper here. Is probably going to be a good option. So when I was researching the best cat nail clippers. I found that this brand gets recommended more than seemingly any other. In fact wire cutter’s article on the best cat nail clippers for dogs.

Only included Miller Forge products. Because the vets and groomers to whom they spoke during their research process all recommended this brand. So I had high hopes when I purchased it and started testing it out. But I have to say  I was hoping for and expecting a bit more out of this product. So there are a few issues with the design that I found kind of annoying. One is that this plier-style clipper opens up really wide. My hands are you know relatively small.

But even so, I think for most people the opening is going to be a bit wide and a little bit difficult to handle. Another thing that kind of bugged me about this. The rubber grips tend to slip off. So if you’re kind of wrangling your cat. And kind of moving around a lot. You could find those grips kind of slipping off. My third complaint about this clipper. Is that the safety guard tended to slip out of place? And it doesn’t seem to be adjustable so you can’t tighten it to make it a little bit more controlled.

I found that sometimes it would kind of slip out of place. And then the nail would be able to come through. Which is not good if you’re new to trimming your cat’s claws. And you want to make sure that you’re blocked and not able to hit that quickly. The good thing about this clipper is that it has a really sharp blade. I found that in all of my tests it snipped through really quickly and effectively. And based on the reviews I’ve read it seems to last for quite a long time.

So if you’re looking for a good sharp nail clipper. You’re not worried about these little fiddly features. You can deal with that maybe you’re more experienced with trimming your cat’s nails. And you want to get that clipper for a good price. Then this miller storage clipper could be a good option. So currently it’s available on chewy for $6.99. If you buy two at once you can get them for $12.58. So it’s a pretty good deal compared to the other clippers on this list.

Necoichi Purrcision Feline Nail Clippers

Necoichi Purrcision Feline Nail Clippers

Now if you prefer a scissor-style clipper kind of like baby scissors. You might like the Necoichi Purrcision Feline Nail Clippers. These clippers are supposed to have a 30 thinner blade compared to the competition. They also like to note that these are manufactured in a city in japan known for some of the world’s best swordsmiths. Maybe a bit gimmicky but worth mentioning. And I found that the blade was quite effective it snipped through my cat’s nails really quickly.

These scissors do not have a safety guard. But it is pretty easy to see what you’re doing because of that thin blade. If you have a cat who tends to wriggle around a lot and maybe you’re less experienced with trimming. Then you might want to go with something that has that safety guard. It’s very small scissors so some people might find them a little bit cramped. I found it to be perfectly comfortable. At $19.60 this clipper is definitely on the expensive side. And you can find scissors-style nail clippers for a bit cheaper.  But I’m impressed with the design and I like what I’ve seen from Necoichi so far. So it certainly could be worth it.

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Hertzko Nail Clipper

Hertzko nail clipper

And my last recommendation is going to be a good option for multi-pet homes. If you’re looking for something that’s going to work for both your cat and for your dog. Then the Hertzko nail clipper and file set could be a good option. So of all the clippers, I tested this one probably had the worst blade. I found that both when I was trimming my cat’s nails and going through those toothpicks. It’s just ever so slightly slower.

But what I found to be good about these clippers is that it has a nice reliable safety guard. That sits just in the right spot, it’s possible to adjust it if necessary. And the opening is flexible enough that you can use it for both a dog and a cat probably a smaller dog. And with the file included it’s going to be a good option for multi-pet homes. Compared to the others it was a little bit less comfortable to hold kind of a big awkward grip. But if you have larger hands you’re more comfortable with this. And you’re dealing with multiple pets. I think it should be comfortable enough.

At $10.99 it seems like a relatively good value especially given that it comes with that file. So you can get that perfect polish. Maybe not that comfortable for cats but if you have both cats and dogs who are using this it could be a good useful tool.


 So that’s it, that’s my recommendations for the top 5 best cat nail clippers. I hope you found it helpful. Again trimming your cat’s nails is one of those things that we don’t usually think of as essential. But once you start doing it you really see the value of it. It’s a great practice that can make living with your cat a lot more comfortable.

Something with a razor-sharp blade and a comfortable grip is going to make your job a lot easier. As well as getting started early. I know a lot of cats are not so comfortable having their nails trimmed. And some people don’t even feel comfortable doing it themselves. But there are a lot of good tips available. So thank you so much.

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