Top 5 Best Cat Litter Mats

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Mats of 2022


In this article, we’re talking about the best cat litter mats. Going over the top five best cat litter mats you can buy. So a good litter mat is going to help you out in three ways. One it’s going to capture some of that litter that’s stuck on your cat’s paws after they come out of the litter box. And prevent it from spilling all over the house. Second, it’s going to capture any litter scatter while your cat is digging in there. And thirdly it’s going to capture any liquid messes your cat might make if they go a little over the litter box.

And it’s going to protect your floor in any case. So a good litter mat is going to be a really helpful investment that’s going to keep your litter area clean. In order to find the best litter mats. I spent some time researching the types of rugs and the types of materials that are used for them. Identifying the ones that tend to work best. And I chose these five mats for the practical tests. So I have had a pair of these masks for over a year. And others for a few months.

And I’ve been testing them out in a few different ways. I did a test at home so I was testing them on my cats and their litter boxes. And I also put them through some semi-controlled tests again. So I was sprinkling on some litter to see how well the mats captured it. I splashed some water over the top to see how they dealt with that as well. And I cleaned them all in different ways. So I was vacuuming them. I rinsed them off with a hose. I was looking at how easy each of them was to empty as well.

So how easy it was to dump them out into a trash can or the litter box. And based on this I’m going to be telling you about how each of these mats works. And that I think will be suitable for different types of configurations and needs. Let’s get into those reviews.

IPremio jumbo cat litter mat

IPremio jumbo cat litter mat

My first recommendation is the IPremio jumbo cat litter mat. And the reason why I recommend this as the overall best is that it offers a combination of features. That captures litter effectively and also hides that litter away. It’s going to get trapped in these alveolar foramina. And so you get less of the visual effect of the litter on the mat. And then this also stores the litter tightly so that you can pretty easily get rid of it. So it’s a two-sided mat that you can double as a book.

And see everything below and you can get by a bit. So you can easily pour the garbage into a garbage bag. Or into the litter box again. I would primarily recommend this mat for people who are using the fine-grain litter. That works well with the honeycomb design. And who is dealing with primarily drynesses? Because the mojados get a little dirty in those holes. The jumbo size measures 33 by 30 inches or 84 by 76 centimeters. So it’s one of the largest sand mats you can buy. And it costs $43.95.

So pretty expensive I know. I’ll be mentioning some cheaper litter mats in this article as well. But if you’re looking for something that’ll really hide away the litter. It could be worth it.

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BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Now my runner-up looks extremely similar at first glance to my first recommendation. It has that same kind of honeycomb design that’s intended to kind of hide the litter away. And it’s called the moon shuttle black hole litter mat. Now when you look closely, you’ll notice that there are some significant differences between the black hole.

And the eye premium matte apparently was really the original honeycombed double-sided litter mat out there. And it has these bumps on the top that help to get the litter off of your cat’s paws and into the holes. While the top of the premium eye mat is flat. This will make it a better choice for high-tracking litter. And to really get your cat’s paws clean as they come out of the litter box. The litter mat basically works the same way. It will generally work with the same types of garbage.

And I found that it worked almost exactly the same. When it came to capturing trash and containing liquids. The biggest problem I found with this litter is matt and the reason why he is not our number one recommendation. Although its tube design is good in concept. Doesn’t work as well as it should. So I found that the base of the map was not flexible enough. So I couldn’t adjust the size and make some kind of funnel for the garbage to move.

The weight is shown in the amazon description. I couldn’t do it and I noticed this in a lot of other customer reviews. Which is a bit more difficult to empty the mat than it should be. It is possible to kind of fold it up into a c shape and pours everything out. But I found that it was just a little bit messier than expected. Now if you would prefer. You can use their litter mat which is only closed on one side. And again opens up like a book. Sort of like the I premium mat.

So if you’re concerned about this you can opt for that one it costs the same amount. And could be a good alternative to the kind of original black hole design. So I purchased the largest size of this litter mat. Which measures 36 by 25 inches or 91 by 63 centimeters. So it’s a pretty big mat it’s going to give plenty of protection around the litter box. It costs $43.99. So similar to our top recommendation.

Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Trapping Mat

And then if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly litter mat. I would recommend gorilla grab a trapper litter mat. So this mat uses these PVC fiber coils they kind of look like a block of uncooked ramen noodles. And capture litter as it’s tracked on your cat’s paws. Or when it’s thrown out of the litter box. It also has these little indentations or paths.

That the litter can get caught in. And all together it seems to work pretty well for capturing litter and keeping it there instead of going on to the floor. The litter mat is waterproof so it works pretty well. When liquid messes get onto it. But the biggest problem is if there is something really dirty or messy that gets put there.

It gets stuck on those coils and isn’t exactly the easiest litter mat to clean. I also found that when vacuuming little particles would still get stuck in the fibers and wouldn’t come out. Now as I mentioned this litter mat is particularly inexpensive compared to the others here, it works quite well and is cheaper in price. So I purchased the jumbo size.

Which costs just under $42 dollars. So not that cheap. But if you want to get a little bit of a better deal you can get a large size. The large size measures 35 by 23 inches or 89 by 58 centimeters. So it’s a comfortable size for the other mats here. And it costs just $18.89 dollars. So a lot cheaper. Another nice feature of the gorilla grip mat is that it comes in 18 different colors. So you’re able to coordinate it with your home d├ęcor. Maybe a bit more effective than some of the other mats here. Now you might notice again that the litter mat the jumbo one that I purchased is all folded and it was difficult for me to get it to lie flat.

I don’t believe this should be an issue with the large size. And I haven’t seen a ton of customer reviews talking about this. You should be able to get a rug that lays flat, assuming you get a smaller size.

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Petlinks Purr-FECT Paws Rubber Litter Mat

Petlinks Purr-FECT Paws Rubber Litter Mat

My top recommendation for those of you who are worried about litter tracking is the Petlinks Purr-FECT Paws Rubber Litter Mat. So this litter mat has an interesting patented design with relatively large circular wells in it. And as your cat walks across the mat. Their paws will kind of get stretched open a little bit in certain places and that’ll help to dislodge any litter stuck in their paws. And it seemed to work pretty well for controlling litter tracking as well as scatter.

Another thing I liked about this letter mat is that it’s really easy to clean. Unlike these other litter mats that are intended to hide the litter away. All the litter just sits there. And it tends to be pretty easy to vacuum it out or shake it out or rinse it out. It’s good for cats who tend to make kind of bigger more serious messes on the litter mat. Overall just a highly functional litter mat that works well with both wet and dry messes. And is really easy to clean. The litter mat measures 36 by 27 inches or 91 by 69 centimeters.

So again it’s about the same size as the other litter mats on this list. You can get it in different smaller sizes if you have a smaller space or want to. But again generally I would recommend a larger litter mat anyway. At $27.49 dollars this litter mat is reasonably priced.

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

And finally, I want to recommend PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat. What I really liked about this litter mat is that it’s very very easy to clean. So unlike the other mats on this list that have indentations intended to hold the litter. This mat is pretty much flat and then it has little ridges all along the inside with a raised lip around the edge to capture any liquids.

And make sure that they don’t slide off. So it’s a silicone mat with some ridges and then a lip to keep everything contained. And I found that it worked really quite well. So it’s going to be a good fit for pretty much any type of litter. You can use it with clay litter, you can use it with pellet-style litter. That probably wouldn’t work so well with those indented mats. And I found it very easy to clean. So it sticks to the ground nicely I’m able to vacuum it. I’m able to easily dump everything off the top.

It’s just very very easy to maintain a litter mat. It’s not going to do all that much to get the litter off of your cat’s paws if they’re stuck there. But it is going to be a good option for a pretty wide variety of homes a wide variety of types of litter. So at 38 by 26 inches in size or 97 by 66 centimeters. It’s a nicely sized litter mat of course you can get it in different sizes if you need.

But this was the size I tried and I found it to be you know satisfactory. The biggest downside of this litter mat is its cost so at $63.49. It is quite expensive. So in that sense, it’s probably not going to be for everyone I was pretty surprised when I saw the price of it.


So those are my top five recommendations for the best cat litter mats. I hope you found this helpful. There will be links to all of the products mentioned here. If you have any questions or comments you are always welcome to drop them well in the comment section below. And I look forward to reading them and responding. So as always thank you so much.

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